Redding Found Guilty Of Murder

Jonathan Redding was sentenced to life in prison plus 70 years.

Redding was convicted of murdering bar tender John Henderson during a robbery at the Standard Bar in Grant Park two years ago. Prosecutors charged the known member of the 30 Deep gang, shot Henderson during the hold up. Evidence didn’t prove Redding fired the shot that killed Henderson however, there was enough circumstancial proof to put him at the scene when the murder happened. Henderson’s father spoke to the court about his son’s life and how happy he was to be living in Atlanta.

Redding’s mother pleaded with the court on behalf of her son, who she says comes from a good family.

Investigators used DNA from the gun to link Redding to the case. Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard says he is pursuing other suspects who may also face murder charges in the death of John Henderson.

  • Winston Daniels

    what a tragedy,a human life snuffed out,for no good reason.Another misguided,misinformed,illinformed,potential doctor,attorney,scientist,lost to the system and to humanity indefinately.

  • Sarah

    I feel for this mother and her pain, but apparently she missed something during her son’s upbringing, that turned him into a killer…It’s all about the friends you allow your children to associate with, that can sometimes make the difference in how they turn out…

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