Governor Nathan Deal has signed the bill which will implement changes to the HOPE scholarship. As a result, the head of Georgia’s NAACP is threatening a boycott of the state lottery. However, at least one prominent church leader says he doesn’t think a boycott is the right approach, since the lottery is the source of funding for HOPE. Since the 90’s, the Georgia lottery has funded the HOPE scholarship for hundreds of thousands of Georgia college students. Georgia NAACP Branch head Edward Dubose says it’s time to get serious in order to effect change.

The law eliminates HOPE scholarship payments for many college related expenses and raises the required GPA for HOPE recipients from 3.0 to 3.7. Dubose said he is conferring with national leaders of the NAACP before announcing a date for the lottery boycott.

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  1. Sarah says:

    The NAACP will take their payoff money from GA Lottery and go quietly into the sunset like they have been known to do…You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know if you’re dis-satisfied with the status quo, to boycott it…More blacks play the lottery are are disproportionately not the winners in any of the payouts…Let your wallets do the talking, family…

  2. The Black Falcon says:

    This is the same organization who gives image awards to rap stars who, by their violent and misogynistic lyrics, have set the Black community back 100 years. This is the same organization who gave Kid Rock an image award. Mind you, Kid Rock proudly displays his confederate flag where ever he goes. This is the same organization that was quick to throw Mrs. Sherrod under the bus before any facts were known. Personally, I wouldn’t follow the NAACP out of a burning building, but that’s just me.

    Further, there is a better chance of the sun not rising tomorrow than for black folk to stop playing the lottery in any significant number. The NAACP knows this. If Black folk do call for this boycott, they better be ALL in, if not, it will be the biggest mistake in 25 years. Why? It will illustrate that black folk can’t/won’t stick together for anything thus minimizing the threat of future potential boycotts.

    Good luck. With the NAACP involved, you’ll need it!

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