Criminals In College Football… How Many Does Your Team Have?

So it’s not just the SEC…

es si college football criminal records 424x318 244x183 Criminals In College Football... How Many Does Your Team Have?College football players at Pittsburgh found themselves in trouble with the law more times than players at any other program in “Sports Illustrated’s” preseason top-25. 

A six-month investigation by “SI” and CBS says 22 Pitt players had police records.  From mid-July to late September, four Panther players were arrested in separate violent crimes.  Pitt had been ranked 16th in the preseason poll. 

Iowa and Arkansas each had 18 players charged during the time on the investigation.  The Hawkeyes were number-six in the preseason rankings, while the Razorbacks were 23rd.  Boise State, which was ranked third before the season started, had 16 players in trouble, as did preseason number-19 Penn State.  The only team that started last season ranked in the poll but had no players get in trouble was TCU, while Stanford only had one player charged.

The following is the list of schools that by the number of players they had in trouble and where they were in the preseason top-25:

Pittsburgh, 22, number-16
Iowa, 18, number-6
Arkansas, 18, number-23
Boise State, 16, number-3
Penn State, 16, number 19
Virginia Tech, 13, number-10
Wisconsin, 9, number-11
Oklahoma, 9, number-12
Florida State, 9, number-25
Miami, 8, number-15
Ohio State, 7, number-2
Florida, 7, number-7
Oregon, 7, number-8
USC, 7, number-17
Alabama, 5, number-1
North Carolina, 5, number-13
Cincinnati, 5, number-18
Utah, 5, number-22
Nebraska, 4, number-9
Georgia Tech, 4, number- 14
Oregon State, 4, number-20
LSU, 3, number-21
Texas, 2, number-4
Stanford, 1, number-24
TCU, 0, number-5

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  • Sarah

    Before we start throwing stones and calling these men criminals, lets take a broad look at the full picture…I’m sure you’ll are saying that most of these players with the criminal records are black …We should also see what they were arrested for and the circustances surrounding the arrests…We have all heard of racial profiling and selective arrests being made on black players versus white players for the same offences…

  • An Old Vet

    Geez a Boise State Player just passed gas, he’s a criminal, arrest him I say, arrest him.

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