Senate Democrats Want Halt to Hope Scholarship Changes

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Georgia Democrats are asking fellow lawmakers to place a halt on the HOPE Scholarship changes.

The new adjustments to the scholarship seem to be on hyper speed as they make their way through legislation. Governor Deal has announced that changes include shortening Pre-K classes to half a day and not granting those students with less than a 3.75 GPA full tuition. Democrats in the Senate state that while Democrats in the House are familiar with the changes and in some cases approve of the bill, they were left out of the loop. The Senators argue that they have ideas of their own on how to save the scholarship, and need time to weigh the best option.  Both parties agree that the main priority is to preserve the HOPE scholarship, which could go broke next year. A meeting will be held on Wednesday afternoon at the Legislative office building on Mitchell Street in Room 307,at 2 pm. to discuss some of the proposed changes Senate Democrats would like considered.

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