Powertalk Wrap-Up:The Black Star Project’s Phil Jackson

With Only 40 Percent Voter Turnout Rahm Emanuel Takes 50 Percent Of The Chicago Vote…

The Black Star Project’s Founder Phil Jackson Weighed In On Rahm Emanuel’s Victory To Become The Next Mayor Of Chicago…

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  • Therese

    I looked at the precient maps for the Chicago Mayoral race, and from what I saw blacks made up the majority in this city and yet they were not able to allow a runoff election…The hispanics did not give up any precients…. Rahn did not win anything in their precients, which showed their loyalty to each other…When are we going to get it together as a people and not allow ourselves to be sold out to the highest bidder? Blacks in Chicago has been surpassed by hispanics as the largest minority group in that city…The day of black politics in Chicago might very well be on the over…

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