larraine00596 Powertalk Wrap Up! Hope Scholarship Cuts!
The South side buys the lottery tickets, and the North side benefits. How should the Community respond to the proposed Hope Scholarship cuts?

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  1. The Black Falcon says:

    It was amazing listening to all of the rhetoric on the program this morning. I know talk shows thrive on sensationalism, but facts should not be omitted or glosses over for the sake of stirring-up emotions in the callers to get ratings. A better informed public can make better choices. Let me cut through the rhetoric and provides some facts…

    First, attorney Mathis called the lottery a tax. A tax is levied by the government and there is punishment for not paying. For example, income tax is a tax. To my knowledge there is no law requiring anyone to buy lottery tickets, people buy them of their own free will. That fact was glossed over in the conversation. So, the lottery is NOT a tax because it is not a mandated fee punishable by law. I’m sure the attorney knew that.

    Second, 59% of the students who go to college on the HOPE scholarship lose it within two semesters of college. Since that is the case, why not raise the standards. Granted I think the 3.7 GPA requirement is a bit much, but it will challenge students to raise their standards. Moreover (and this point was not mentioned at all on the show) the HOPE scholarship will continue to pay 90% of the tuition for students who have a 3.0 GPA. So basically the cuts only amount to 10%. In other words, if tuition was $2500.00 the student would only have to pay $250.00. Not a bad deal in my opinion. PLUS there are Pell grants, work study programs, need-based scholarships, subsidized student loans, and (heaven forbid) the student gets a job and pays for some of his/her education. I know this runs counter to the attitude of some black folk on personal responsibility, but college is NOT mandatory.

    Listening to the show this morning, people made it seem as though poor black children cannot achieve academically like other children, and they should not be required to. Its sad that this has become the reality for some black folk. Low expectations, excuses, etc. Very few callers actually said that black students need to raise their standards. Naturally, these callers were ridiculed by the majority of the other callers who ascribe to the whoa is us mentality. No wonder some students are proficient low jumpers.

  2. Therese says:

    The answer is in the question..We have always funded our oppression…Since we’re the ones buying the tickets for the othe rside to benefit, we should boycott the lottery…I know it will be difficult for some people who have this lottery addiction, but the only way to get from under is to stop piling dirth on top of you…The only thing understood in this capitalistic society, is money..We have always had the key to unlock our oppression, use it…I have stopped buying from certain businesses, I dont celebrate holidays, b’days,etc….

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