Cuts To Hope Scholarship

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Major cuts to the HOPE scholarship and the state’s pre-kindergarten program are expected to be announced by Gov. Nathan Deal.  Among the expected changes: HOPE scholarships will cover only about 90 percent of tuition instead of the full amount, and the pre-k day is expected to be shortened by two-and-a-half hours.  If the legislation passes, HOPE will also no longer  cover books and fees. Remedial college courses no longer would be covered at University System of Georgia institutions, but could still be available at technical colleges.

The proposal also is expected to reduce or eliminate bonuses the lottery pays to its employees. The Governor is also said to be considering reducing the amount of money that is paid to retailers who sell lottery tickets.

State Senator Vincent Fort told us he would like for the Hope Scholarship to revert back to it’s original purpose-to provide a way for low income students to attend college.

Read more about the proposed changes to the Hope scholarship in the AJC.

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