Faded “No Parking” Signs have infuriated some Clark Atlanta students. “No Parking” signs near Greensferry Avenue and Northside Drive are completely white with no detectable images. However, this has not stopped Park Atlanta from issuing tickets to the students. Dorius Woodbury is one of those students who is upset about the parking.

Student Ashley Blackmon has seen Park Atlanta in action.

Park Atlanta says it will look into installing more visible signs in the area.

  1. Leonard W. Giddens Jr. says:

    Good revnue maker. The fact that a sign is on a pole at a parking space would be enough for any person with half a brain to not part there. One or two things the sign word read, the amount of time one can park or no parking. Sense there is no way to tell which, don’t park at all. That’s what normal people would do. You are right, I can not spell and grama is poor, but I would not be given a ticket.

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