Negro Mountain

Righting a wrong? Or political correctness gone wild? A Maryland state senator has introduced a bill to rename two mountains, one of which is named Negro Mountain. The other is named Polish Mountain and State Senator Lisa Gladden says she wants both names changed. She says “negro” is a term that often has carried with it negative connotations about African-Americans and having it as the name of a mountain in this day and age “doesn’t fit.” Lawmakers from the state’s western area– where the mountains are located– say the bill reflects political correctness gone to the extreme.

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  • Deborah Smith

    Should we change her name to Madden cause she’s got to be mad to want to change history in this manner. Negro Mtn was named in HONOR of the man. Leave it alone and leave him to his honor.


      I couldn’t agree more

  • Deborah Smith

    Educate youself and leave history alone. It’s how we got this far. Be proud, Not loud.

  • John Vincent

    Because the name is offensive? Well then I guess we are going to have to change the United Negro College Fund and the Negro League Museum, oh the National Council of Negro Women are going to be upset when they find out the their name is a problem. I am so sad out how dump this country looks. Project your time, effort and ideas towards something that could benefit everyone, lobby to bring down the cost of educating our young so they don’t come up with these stupid ways of wasting our time.

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