Am I Buying What The NBA Is Selling?

As I turn off the X’s and O’s of the grid iron, and continue the relaxing, albeit neieve mind set that the C.B.A. will just be another media story, and not actually affecting the up-coming NFL season (praying is more like it…sorry). So, while my “out of sight, out of mind” tactics on football are in the early stages of what I hope not to be denial, my attention can now “downsize”, and just focus on the other sport that excites my eye. Basketball, more specifically, NBA hoops. Is it a surprise the NBA has re-sparked sports lovers interest on their product during, and strategically after the Superbowl? IF there is no football next season, why not use this opportunity to brand your product.

The NBA already boast’s it’s presence in China (regardless if that connection may never play again), and already has a team in Canada (yes, the Raptors still exist). Now Ex- NBA player ,Clyde Drexler, who was recently in London “promoting” their first regular season NBA game, and basically said that Europe is sold on the NBA game, and in the next decade, it is very possible that London could have it’s own NBA team. Just in case you still haven’t hatched from your mental coma due to the overload from the media attention known as, “The Decision”, how about some, “Melo” talk? First he was danglekobe mep2 Dean On Sports: NBA...Buy Or Sell?d in New York, and now Carmelo might join Kobe in L.A.? What? Still not interested ?

Now I know that it’s a business, so regardless of the theatrics (speaking of theatrics, Hello Mr. Jerry Jones…again, sorry), the bottom line is, are you selling me a good product? Well sorry to be lame, but, the NBA “had me” with the hot start from the Spurs….Seriously, with the surprising start from San Antonio, and the always scrappy Dallas Mavericks, not to mention the youngsters like Oklahoma City, Portland, and the Clippers (hey, Blake is really good), the 2-time world champions may not be able to bless their Hall of Fame coach with that final ring on his way out. In the East, the Celtics continue to sustain and hold court. And trust me, I haven’t forgotten about the “Heatles”, and that circus. If you know me, I’m not only a Heat fan, but an actual believer that those boys can actually pull it off…This year!

images1 Dean On Sports: NBA...Buy Or Sell?

heat boys2 Dean On Sports: NBA...Buy Or Sell?

Dress that up with some trades to Orlando, and finally, match that with the Hawks, and Bulls…The NBA looks to have the right suit on for the party. I’m sold. I just hope I don’t have to use the same mind tricks when it’s the NBA’s turn to step to the C.B.A. table… No NFL, or NBA? Uh Oh…calm down Dean…breathe…now relax…“Serenity Now”!!!


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