Powertalk Wrap Up! Sisters In Law!

Attorney Janice Mathis discussed the Houston Police beating and what rules must homeowners follow when they are having house parties. Very interesting comments from Powertalk listeners!

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  • Therese

    When police start having the same attitude about house parties on the notthside of town as they are trying to enforce on the southside, then we can sit at the table and have dialogue. This is all about race and disrespecting of non-whites. Whites have house parties, serve alcohol to under-age children, drunk drivers, noise, drugs, even rape, and you dont see them shutting down Alpharette, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, etc. All the negastives that they associate with the black communities, are also present in the white communities over 100% since they have the law on their sides, and money to buy off their convictions. The non-white communities are always given the walk of shame for minor offences, while white criminals are given the breaks…

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