Protesters filled Egyptian streets Friday and defied a curfew, as the United States toughened its calls for reforms. Thousands of protesters have been rioting in the streets of Cairo and other cities calling for President Hosni Mubarak to step down.  On Friday cell phone service and access to the internet was shut down. Protesters say President Mubarak’s government is plagued with corruption, failing economic policies, fraudulent elections, selective enforcement of the rule of law, and police torture.  Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton  called on the Mubarak government to restrain the police and security forces as a first order of business, and to move quickly to “economic, political and social reforms.”  Clinton pledged to  partner with the Egyptian people and their government.

Atlanta residents will rally this Saturday afternoon, January 29, in support of the  Egyptians fighting side by side for their democratic right to end a totalitarian government.

The rally will take place in front of CNN Center, 190 Marietta Street Northwest, starting at noon and ending at 3 PM.

The action was called by concerned Georgia citizens from all ethnicities, religions, and political persuasions.

Here is video of some of the latest protests from the Associated Press.

Egypt protests


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