Rev. Kenneth Walker discussed the Power of President Obama’s speech! Do you think President Obama can win a second term?
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  1. st. Ives says:

    President Obama State of the Union speech made a deep impact on everyone. He remain steadfast in his thinking and beliefs. However, not one Democrat or Republicians take him seriously. Healthcare debates continues because the American Public is mislead by those who have said it is bad; no healthcare, you die or don’t get the care you need. Bottom line! Jobs for America…not important enough because american is still suffering and unemployment remain so high, yet, all of the monies the tax payers are burden with paying can’t even get help from the federal government it pay’s the money too. Our United States is a sad place where we give to others but can’t take care of our own! Grand-Standing for the world to see that we do are becoming a third-world Country….and in a few years watch and see. The people whom we elect to serve us sit up in washington and do nothing but create bills that take years to pass and by that time, half of america have died. Its time we put people into the office that understand the plight of american’s problems and trouble and let them work hard to fix it or be removed rather than letting them stay 4 to 8 years! Many of our families are suffering and hungrey, homelessness, we are a better nation but we don’t act like it. I think we as Americans and tax payers just don’t matter to our government!

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