Rob Redding – The Birthers Are Still Crying

robredding icon e1289912185237 Rob Redding   The Birthers Are Still Crying

Following a recent outburst in a congress session, a woman was arrested. What was her offense?

The rules that apply to these sessions are pretty cut and dry. No one is to express approval or disapproval in a verbal- unless he or she wants to be silenced immediately. No outburst will be tolerated.

Perhaps even more puzzling is the fact that people would choose this venue to stage protest. Listen below for Rob’s commentary.

  • Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

    What makes a President’s birth certificate any different from any other American? Everything should be known about, anyone that is in a position of being President of a Country. You just herd the constitution of the United States read prior to the out burst. What part did you not understand? We are back to the black thing once again. All black must be given a pass. WHY?

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