jamie and gladys scott Freedom Through The Gift Of Life

The Scott sisters will be freed after one sister has agreed to give the other a kidney.

Gladys Scott has stated that she will give her sister Jaime, a kidney upon their release from prison today. The sisters were sentenced to life in prison after an armed robbery in which they stole anywhere from $11 to $200. There have been national protest that there sentencing was excessive. The women served 16 years behind bars.

  1. Nefertutu says:

    What people don’t get is that Mississippi just got rid of a huge problem. They didn’t want to pay for the transplant and couldn’t let this woman die in thier custody. So let her go send her to Florida for them to figure it out. Or maybe here’s the question. Who’s gonna pay for the transplant when she gets back home. I’m sorry but I don’t know a whole lotta people with $100K lying around the house or in their case – at thier mom’s house

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