greshampark Schools Closing To Cut County Cost

Dekalb County has received a recommendation to close several schools in the area…again.

According to a consultant group, the schools do not have enough students and cost too much money to keep open.  The consultant suggested that closing schools would save the county a tremendous amount of money.  The plan would also streamline the district by sending children to less populated schools. Parent, Laxavier Hood disagrees with the school closings.

Some of the schools listed for closure are Medlock, Livsey, Rock Chapel, Bob Mathis, Wadsworth, Kittredge, Sky Haven, Glen Haven, Gresham Park, Toney, Peachcrest and Atherton elementary schools. As well as Avondale Middle School.

This comes after last week, when the county announced that in an effort to save money, it would outsource over 700 jobs.  Several public meetings will be held to determine the effectiveness of these plans. A meeting took place Monday night addressing the issue of outsourcing. County employees have said they rather take a pay cut than lose their jobs to someone overseas.  Answer the poll.


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