bishoplong 2010 Top Story: The Bishop Long Case

The sexual coercion case filed against Bishop Eddie Long and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church was the top news story of 2010 in Atlanta.

Here is some of the information about the case as it happened earlier this year.

The case first came to light several months ago when two young men, Maurice Robinson and Anthony Flagg  filed a lawsuit against Long and the church charging that the Bishop used his influence and expensive gifts to entice them into having a sexual relationship with him.

bishop eddie long e1293810865697 2010 Top Story: The Bishop Long Caseanthony flagg bishop eddie long 2010 Top Story: The Bishop Long Casemaurice robinson 2010 Top Story: The Bishop Long Case

Frank and Wanda welcomed Dale Russell the Fox 5 reporter who originally broke the story to come on the air and talk about the case and his two part interview with Jamal Parris the third plaintiff in the case.

dscn0916 2010 Top Story: The Bishop Long Case

Jamal Parris was  not the only plaintiff to talk to the media in this case.  WSB TV found the fourth victim in the Eddie Long sexual coercion case Spencer LeGrande for an exclusive interview

spencer legrande25215838 640x360 2010 Top Story: The Bishop Long Case

While Fox 5 aired part two of their exclusive interview with Jamal Parris

Jamal Parris Speaks Out on Bishop Eddie Long_20100928183305_JPG

Bishop Long has decided to mediate the cases against him. A hearing has been set for Feb.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Well all I can say is if the Bishop has done the abuse he is being blamed for. God will take care of him. There are to many allegations from two many young men. Only God knows the Truth and it will prevail. I feel for the young men & pray that what they are saying is the Truth. God Bless Them All.

  2. louis franks jr says:

    i dont understand why the bishop want say i am innocence


  3. Hornet77 says:

    The problem here is the message of “prosperity”. If Jesus had intended to prosper from the word of God, he would have had wealth beyond that of even Solomon. But that was never the focus of the word. Unfortunately, the message coming from the pulpit is more about personal gratification in the form of material wealth and less about unselfish personal and spiritual growth. What people fail to realize is wealth and temptation go hand and hand. You can’t have one without the other. And with man being an imperfect creation, he or she like Adam and Eve will succomb to whatever it is that most tempts them under the misguided belief of entitlement. I believe prosperity in the biblical sense is more to do with one’s individual deeds than individual pursuits. As in the end, you will be judged for what you have done and not what you have accumulated.

  4. Angela says:

    So Ward uses a case where there has been no conviction nor a body found for credibility. That is too funny. If Eddie Long think that Ward can help him I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell him.

  5. Shinona says:

    well the 2 boys have a simular look and color tone…. strange they could pass for a male in his wifes family… The gay community should come out and help Mr. Long….

    1. Jimmie says:

      What is the gay community suppose to do for Mr. Long? We don’t know if he’s innocent or guilty.

  6. Therese says:

    This is turning into a 3 ring circus and I fell sorry for the young men at the heart of these allegations. If the Bishop is not guilty, he should be able to say i’m innocent of all charges, step aside and let one of the associate ministers take control while he mend whatever turmoil is going on within his family.

  7. St.Ives says:

    Having reviewed New Birth Missionary Baptist Church staff directory; it is massive! There are scores of Ministers, Elders, Deacons overseeing all of the ministries contained therein. The chruch is also massive and you can get lost if you are not aware of your surroundings. New Birth is a little city; people go there or are members there for many reasons and the outside draws one inside. Bigger or Mega is not necessary better because the interaction with the members are situated where member may love being there but they can’t interact well because the pastor is so protected. I noted that the Longfellow Youth Academy was not mentioned in so many words and it is ran by Mr. Long. Now, are all of the staff part of the megachurch here in Atlanta or are they part of all of the New Birth churches situated in different states. Now that the exwife has also came forth, this whole thing is picking up steam very fast. Have the Elders and Deacons came together and ponder the next move for New Birth. When a pastor come under investigation, the Elders has to start its own internal investigation according to the bylaws. These youngmen are creditable and the look’s on their face shows they are sincere.
    A poll shows 70 percent of the public thinks what has happen is true. We all need to be ready for what is to come, the bells is about to toll.

  8. Leonard W. Giddens Jr. says:

    From what i read, these young men were toast aside for other young me for what ever reason. Something tell me the accusers are getting revenge. They miss the money, trips, jewalry, etc. You can not tell me these young men only engaged in sex with this peace our human waste because of his position. They did it, enjoyed it, they are gay. Now they want pay. That’s fine. When you dance to the music, you must pay the fiddler. Long needs to get his Bonnee knees in the breeze. He is not the only peace of garbage in a pulpit. You can put a 500 dollar suit on a gorella, he is still a gorilla. By the way God is not going to take care of anything, the Law will. If the law does not, he has gotten away with what ever he is guilty of. He needs to be tared and feathered, not for the two “young men” but for being a fraud. Of course it is not all his fault. The gullible people that put this waste where he is.

  9. Leonard W. Giddens Jr. says:

    Both of them got that girl look and pose. Long knew they were gay, that is why he used them. Not siding with Long. he is still garbage, last years garbage.

  10. Pier says:

    25,000 plus foolish members helping keep Eddie & Vanessa in the lap of luxury in the name of Jeezus! Guess Vanessa is like Hillary Clinton. Staying with an adulterer for money and power. Sad that many women are fools for cheating lowdown people like these men.

    1. Leonard W. Giddens Jr. says:

      Pier, I once knew a Preacher that was gay. The church I belonged to back in the day, you could not be the Pastor of a church if you weren’t married. The gay preacher found a closet, lesbian same as he was closet. They got married, he did his thing and she did her’s. It was not a secret. Now do you understand better?

  11. Savannah Botwin says:

    Poor news – Syria’s ‘mutilation mystery’ increases…

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