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Michael Vick has been called the turn around story of the year, but one person says Vick should have been executed.

Not everyone is happy for the once troubled quarterback.  Conservative Tucker Carlson criticized all the praise Vick has received during this season.

Earlier this week President Obama made a call to the Eagles thanking them for giving Vick a second chance.

  1. Roger says:

    Tucker is the spoiled brat son of the Swanson Food heiress. He’s never succeeded at anything. And why smear us genuine born-again Christians by starting out saying “I’m a Christian”? Christ certainly wouldn’t have reacted this way. Carlson’s a loser looking for some press. There’s no bad publicity?

    1. Pier says:

      I concur Roger. Little boy racist Tucker is also desperate for attention & ratings. I guess Vick is the “new O.J.”. These white racists love to speak from an orifice other than their mouth.

      Execute? Lets start with every person still living who lynched, maimed, robbed, raped, cheated, tortured, assaulted & murdered a black person first.

      Carlson was a failure on CNN too. He will never get the adulation or
      validation he clearly yearns for…

  2. Clinton Fraser says:

    This is just as I expect from the racist tool commentators on “fox noise” ! All of the major issues going on like the tax deal, changing of congress to name a few, that moron on fox has the nerve to call himself a christian after saying that another human being should be killed for a crime he has already paid for. Hasen’t carlson ever heard of the saying, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

  3. BOOKMANN19 says:


  4. gbw says:

    Michael Vick should have been executed for dog fighting…..what a silly thing to say. What is in the water at fox news?

  5. Sister Sankofa says:

    So we should execute a man who’s done his time for his crime/ Then should we also execute the slave master’s children for the crimes of their forefathers? Should we execute Bush for the atrocities (murder of innocent people, our children who fought his wars) he created? Should we not forgive those who have trespassed against us? I’m NOT a “Christian” but those who believe in Christ are certainly some of the most hypocritical people I know! Americans SLAUGHTER animals everyday, hunters kill deer, ducks, moose, etc. Should THEY be executed too? Why is there a difference in a dog vs. a cow? Is it because we don’t (typically) eat dogs? Or is it because Caucasians say it’s worse to kill a dog than to kill a deer? Isn’t it worse to kill (execute) a human than a dog? Or is it just Nubian people execution applies to when a dog has been harmed?

    1. gbw says:

      You can always tell a tree by his fruit. That man is clearly no christian. Jesus would never have said or condoned something like that.

  6. funkenstein says:

    I guess Sarah Palin should be executed for hunting down innocent mooses. However, what I find interesting is that prominent blacks in sports media were quick with a response to Vick wanting a dog as a pet for his kids, but are now silent when it comes to executing a black person for killing a dog. I mean let’s face it, this idiot is saying Blacks should be put to death for criminal acts against animals. We as Black folks regardless of our position in life need to speak out against these types of comments. If not, we as a people will never receive equal justice under the law. Example, I doubt that anyone can name one white person who was treated like Vick for a similiar act.

  7. Mason White says:

    You know what….anyone of Anglo Saxon decent who can fix their mouths to say anything as it relates to Savage act toward Humanity… animal or anything else has some gall… barbaric is to light a word for the acts still afflicted upon though whom you see as casualty of consequence to your rule of White supremacy; death will be the indictment of all who proclaim or pledge allegiance to such Ideology!
    I am often amazed at how White people can love animals so much & will fight for their rights but when someone Black like Emmett Till, Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, or Megan Williams,(Megan Williams survived her attach) finds themselves faced with death at the hands of the system none of you say anything.
    Toughs who are the author of death should receive it… you hypocrite!

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