robheadshot2010 e1293817901277 A Pardon... and a Pooch on Redding News Review

President Obama is in the limelight once more- this time, for his decision to express a measure of gratitude to the Eagles for giving Michael Vick a second chance to shine in his NFL career. Some critics are furious about it, and are even dragging the President’s pooch into the fray. Hear what Rob Redding had to say about the controversy.

s barack obama michael vick large e1293691249321 A Pardon... and a Pooch on Redding News Review

Before you ask, no, this wasn’t technically a pardon. Vick did the crime, and he already did the time. Furthermore, the President made it clear that he condemns Vick’s involvement in dogfighting. So what is the big deal? Listen to find out!

  1. D. Reynolds says:

    You are absolutely right! You are always on point! and on this subject of Michael Vick, you speak for many many people who feel the same way, but probably wouldnt say it publicly! Michael Vick did the crime and he’s completed his time of 19 months, he’s a free man and if MV wants a dog he should have one.

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