tyler perry Tyler Perry To Purchase Home For Great Grandmother

88-year-old great-grandmother  Rosa Lee Ransby and her seven great-grand children were left without a place to call home after a fire destroyed their house.

 A group of fire fighters stepped up to help the grandmother, by taking donations for she and the children. One problem remained, “Where would they live?”  A familiar face has promised to build a home for Ransby and her grandchildren. Captain Todd Moore of the Coweta police department says the benefactor made his Christmas.

Perry visited the woman’s neighborhood Thursday, where he promised to rebuild her home.

  1. Mike A says:

    God bless you Tyler Perry.

  2. Beautibee says:

    As soon as I saw this on the news it moved me to my knees to immediately pray that God brings us together to help this grandmother. After my prayer I started to go through the house to see what I can give and before I knew it I heard that Tyler stepped up and showed out. God is good!

  3. diann freeman says:

    what a wonderful thing to do. I’m so proud of you.

  4. Rose says:

    That is such an AWESOME thing to be able to do. Thank you Tyler. You make my heart smile.

  5. Deputy Marc E.Scotton sr. says:

    As soon as I seen the story on the news,I had a feeling that Mr.Perry was coming to the rescue,just like he did for the children in Pennsylvania when they refused to let them swim in the pool.But that is why he is blessed and highly favored in God’s sight and he does’nt hesitate to bless people that really need it.Also special thank you and God bless you to Capt. Todd Moore and his crew.Remember blessed people bless people.

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