warren 35 The Warren Ballentine Show 12/15

What’s the connection between the Federal Reserve Bank and the Vatican?

fed reserve The Warren Ballentine Show 12/15the vatican The Warren Ballentine Show 12/15Today on the Warren Ballentine Show, Warren attempts to connect the dots between the Federal Reserve Bank and the Vatican. Warren adds, the most important thing you can do for yourself in 2011 is get out of debt. Major changes are on the horizon.

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  1. Sarah says:

    The Vatican gave the Catholic Church the ok to finance the slave trade…I have no respect for any religious organization because they are all headed by whites, it does not matter if you’re a christian, jew, or muslim they are all headed by whites or people classified as aryans…The muslims who are controlled by the Saudis, they are considered to be Indo Aryans and they all aline themselves with whites, they marry white, and support the european monopoly because they benefit from it…The same with the Jews, the Ashkanazi are in charge of the jewish faith, even though they are a minority; the christians are all controlled by whites, so all you people who follow these three abrahamic faith, are supporting white supremancy and the oppression of your people…

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