lloyd2038587368 cc634bf19c Lawdy Miss Clawdy! Lloyd Price is Back

You may remember him as Stagger Lee or Mr. Personality from back in the day. Lloyd Price is back and better than ever with a new book that tells the truth about his influence in the music industry and much more.

Did you know: Lloyd Price has written and recorded songs that have been re-recorded by the Beatles and Elvis. James Brown asked Lloyd Price if he could go on tour with him. Lloyd Price discovered Little Richard. If you ever shop in Wal-Mart of 7-11 you will see food products developed by Lloyd Price.

These are just a few of the facts you may or may not know about the man and the brand. Now Price is back with a new book that tells the whole story. “The True King of the 50’s…The Lloyd Price Story” is hitting bookstores now.  He will be in Atlanta at Boneheads Restaurant in Atlantic Station on January 20.

Oh by the way, you know the new NFL commercial for custom apparel? The song being played “You’ve got Personality” was written and recorded by Lloyd Price too!

Check it out



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