rob head shot Rob Redding: Socialism or Capitalism? You decide...

The frenzy over government mandated healthcare continues; Virginia has struck down the notion as unconstitutional. What does Rob Redding think? Click More to find out!

  1. Sarah says:

    I agree with you Rob… I have been saying this for years, if people want to pump their own water, put out their own fires, take themselves to the hospital when they are having a heart attack, (if that is possible), act their own prison system by arresting and locking up murderers in their homes for the next twenty five or how many years they are given, (some would enjoy doing that) then they can choose to be completely capitalistic…The problem with most americans is they have a way of repeating what they hear being said by the talking heads, and have no clue about the different political systems… i.e. capitalism, democracy, republic, socialism, dictatorship, monarchy, theocracy, etc The sit all day and listen to Faux and repeat the dumb information back, thinking it makes them sound intelligent….Ask them a question that is not part of the talking point, and they will ignore it and repeat themselves….

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