Dekalb Paying $700 Million In Water Repairs!!!!

cash falling from the sky Dekalb Paying $700 Million In Water Repairs!!!!

Dekalb County has found a solution to the seven hundred million dollars needed to improve the sewer system.

The county was penalized for violating the Clean Water Act and the Georgia Water Quality Control Act. The cost of the penalty is $453,000 which will be divided between the US and the state. County Representative Burrell Ellis says the reason for that is Dekalb’s water system is big and old.

Residents can expect to see a water bill increase of about $10.00  per month to cover the expenses of the improvements.

  • Sarah

    I’m so glad I moved away from Dekalb Cnty when I did…This is the primary reason why the infrastructure is going downhill in most of the urban/suburban communities…These things were built for a limited amount of people to use, when these developers were coming in and building these newer subdivisions, housing complexes, and small cities, they should have been made to expand on the current systems, water, sewer, roads…Instead they were allowed to tap into the current systems, stressing and over burdening them…It’s either pay now or pay later, we’re seeing the later…

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