2010 12 01 nolabels No Labels for Lisa Borderslisaborders blue No Labels for Lisa Borders

There is a new organization that wants to find common ground among all political parties in order to help the Americans that just can’t seem to be heard.

No Labels is a new movement with the goal of organizing, energizing and mobilizing America’s masses who feel disenfranchised by today’s hyper-partisan political gridlock.

Their motto is “Not Left. Not Right. Forward.” They want to provide a voice for this silent majority to compel political leaders in Washington and elsewhere to reach across the aisle to find solutions in the best interest of all Americans.

No Labels is supported by citizens from all regions and of all political persuasions who are united by a commitment to working together to find practical solutions to our nation’s problems.

Jean Ross spoke with founding leader Lisa Borders on the new organization and what they want to accomplish.

Today, more than 1000 Democratic, Republican and Independent citizen leaders from all 50 states will come together to launch a new national organization that is building chapters in all 435 congressional districts and the power to impact the next session of Congress and the 2012 elections.

No Labels is committed to bring together Americans from all political affiliations to find common ground on practical solutions to issues essential to our nation’s future.

The organization launched today, Monday December 13, 2010 at 9:00AM ET at Columbia University in New York City.

  1. Sarah says:

    This is the main reason why politics has not been of any benefit to the black race in Amerikkka…We have these white-washed, black faces in white skin people, who are so white identified and does not want to lose a paycheck, trying to sell this colorless foolishness to the black community…When I look at you, I see whatever shade you were born in…The only people who are pushing this color blind nonsense are whites, and they have their lap dogs in black faces coming to us trying to sell this nonsense….Notice the only ones who are pushing it, are the lightskin blacks, trying to tell the rest of us we need to go along to get along…

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