jean and candace155801 1556239343260 1153500427 31246484 7957214 n A Visit to Kipp Academy in Eastpoint

On Friday, December 10 Jean Ross, Sytonnia and Candace Ledbetter paid a visit to the students at the Kipp Academy in East Point to speak to 8th graders about careers in radio.

  1. Sarah says:

    Jean, you were looking so cute with your dimples…I’m glad you made the trip to encourage our future leaders about positions in broadcasting….Our voices are being drowned out, and it would be nice to get a new crop to take over the reigns…As we can see by the national media, we are not adequately represented…They should also look into starting their own media like Daily Kos, Huffington Post and Daily Beast…

    1. jean103 says:

      You are a wise woman. So many times when I read about celebrities buying million dollar cars etc I ask myself why we don’t understand the importance of owning media. The power is in media yet we never see it. Maybe one day.

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