foreclosure Prepare for the Foreclosures

More foreclosures are in store for the U.S.

RealtyTrac says the U.S. is still on pace to see more than 3 million households receive some sort of foreclosure notice this year.

Spokesman Rick Sharga says unemployment remains stubbornly high and there’s likely to be one new foreclosure action for every 6 to 10 jobs that are lost.

That said, realtor Carol Greco of Long & Foster Realtors in the greater Washington area, says there are some tremendous opportunities out there for prospective home buyers.

She also foresees little movement in home values in either direction.

This would set yet another record from last year’s all-time high of 2.8 million foreclosures.

  1. Therese says:

    Real estate is a ponzie scheme setup by financial institutions to get as much money they can from one person, before taking the property and selling it to the next victim and to repeat the vicious cycle again. These people who are putting people out of their homes, never paid for anything in this country. They came to the Americas, stole land, committed genocide on the peoples, and claimed this land for themselves. I would not buy any foreclosed property, The Kharma/negative energy surrounding those property from the previous owners, will not make for a happy home.

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