Too Much Truth Recap: Switching Political Parties

us politics Too Much Truth Recap: Switching Political Parties

As many of you might have heard, many democrats here in GA are switching to the republican side!! To hear the first hour of the show click MORE….

  • Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

    That is good news.

  • Therese

    I’m not surprised that Ashley Bell has defected from the Democratic Party for the Republican Party. I get tired of these lukewarm people who are always willing to be on the winning team as long as they are winning. People like Bell, Vernon Jones, and all these undercover republicans, need to come out in the open and show themselves for who they are. That is why I have no love for any political party, people will change them, like they do dirty underwear. I hope WAOK is more critical about who the invite on their shows to give political commentary, because they are making the offices stink like days old fish.

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