barack obama1 The Democrats are NOT Pleasedtax1 The Democrats are NOT Pleasednancy pelosi The Democrats are NOT Pleased

Can’t we all just get together? Uh nooooooo.

House Democrats don’t mind saying, and sometimes harshly, that they don’t like the tax cut deal the White House has struck with Republicans.

Many House Democrats emerged from a spirited closed-door meeting Tuesday evening and said they would have a difficult time supporting the package.
Democrats are angered that the proposed agreement extends tax breaks for the very wealthy. It also extends jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed.

And while he doesn’t agree with some terms, President Obama feels the compromise is good for the American people.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says Democrats are continuing to review the tax cut framework.

However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says a compromise tax cut plan makes things clear as to where the two parties stand.

The California Democrat says it shows that Democrats want to help low- and middle-income workers, while the Republicans’ chief concern is the wealthiest Americans.

She says the Democratic leadership will continue discussions with the president and the party caucus in the coming days.

  1. Therese says:

    President Obama’s policy is stinking like fresh killed skunk. This man does not stand for anything, will not even back his own party, and expect them to back him. He is toast black people, stink a fork in him, he is done. He is not going to be re-elected, and all his people are runnig away from him. Can’t say I blame them. If this is the best that we can get from a black president, I would not want to see another one in my lifetime.

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