mcdonald Should Teachers Go To Jail Behind Testing Scandal?

Rev. Timothy McDonald joined Lorraine today to make his case as to why APS teachers shouldn’t go to jail behind CRCT testing scandal.

  1. Leonard W. Giddens Jr. says:

    Yes they should go to jail. It is time people stop standing behind people that don’t deserve being stood behind. The crooked a## unions should be run out of the country for causing our country to collapse by making government and privet industries hire and maintain unqualified people in any job. If they were to sorry to learn properly when they were sent to school to be at least second best in their field, then they should not have a job, just because a bunch of ignorant people, and I need not print a name, want them to stay in jobs they don’t qualify for. They went to school and partied Hardy, so let them put their sorry a#### under the jail. I don’t have any sympathy for sorry ignorant people, no matter the race.

  2. moni says:

    it is to make a point and put teachers on notice….
    if black kids have problems taking test then they – need to be programed to think like a White/Asian man and even white men are dumb and stupid compared to the Indian & Asian kids….
    so while we are out trying to give our teenagers roc a wear and baby phat they are out testing all of us….. 5 yrs ago you never saw Indian and Arabs in State and Fed offices now thats all you see why cause they can SCORE HIGH ON STANDARDIZE TEST…..

  3. Therese says:

    The only people who go to jail for cheating, are blacks and other people of color. We only have to look at what is happening to Wesley Snipes to see these people have agendas only against black people. Since when do you send someone to prision for three years for failure to file their tax returns? We have people Like Tom Delay who was convicted of a serious crime, and he will probably get probation and not do a day in prision. Look at Nathan Deal who did not make a complete financial disclosure on his election forms, but is now the Gov-elect. When you’re white you can pretty much break all the laws, since the laws were written to suit their needs anyway.

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