Man Convicted In Repo Murder

car repo 612x344 Man Convicted In Repo Murder

A man who killed a man trying to repossess his Mustang was convicted Monday.

The judge sentenced Justin Moore Monday. Moore received life plus twenty years for shooting and killing Brandon Thomas . Thomas had been working less than a week when the incident occurred. His wife Allison Thomas said that her husband died over a simple car.

Moore has stated it was never his intention to kill Thomas.

  • Sarah

    It’s most unfortunate thai man was killed over the repo of a vehicle…We have got to stop placing so much value on material thhings…If you did not pay the car note, you know the bank will be coming to get their property…Now you are going to waste the rest of your life behind bars, providing free slave labor to the state, because you placed more value in your car than in your life…

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