hot sauce1521tp 2t It's the Texas Pete Baby...Gotta Have It!

Residents in Lithonia are asking police to step up patrols after a burglar broke into several homes and helped himself to….

food in the refrigerator????

Yes, according to residents several homes in the Avalon At Hillandale subdivision have been broken into in the last month. Police say one home was burglarized 4 times. This homeowner called police after she said she came home and noticed her back door had been kicked in

 Home security video of the crook during a burglary on Monday morning  showed a man carrying a lunch bag as he kicked in her back door and raided her refrigerator.  The homeowner said, “He takes the Texas Pete hot sauce every time.”

So could he be related to the “Hamburglar”?  lol

hamburglar It's the Texas Pete Baby...Gotta Have It!

  1. Sarah says:

    Since this person is only breaking in to steal food, would it not be wise to leave bags with food outdoor with a sign on it? How about also investing in screen doors for your homes? I know this might seem foolish, but with the high rate of homelessness and unemployment, we had better be prepared for the crime rate to go up…We would prefer to spend millions making bombs to kill 1-3 persons, rather than spend that money to house, educate, and provide work for our citizens…Like I have been saying America might just be on her way to hell…

  2. LOVE THAT PETE!!! says:

    Is that all the robber’s taking? LOL….well I guess we know it’s a black person…LOL…I love Texas Pete too, but not enough to burglarize someone’s home for it! The homeowner must be a good cook if he keeps going to her house to eat.She might need to get a dog and an alarm on her house if he’s that insistent, or maybe set him a plate outside with a case of TP to tide him over…LOL

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