Cholera Sickens 33K Haitians in 8 Weeks

cholera outbreak haiti Cholera Sickens 33K Haitians in 8 Weeks

Many feared Haiti’s cholera epidemic would overwhelm a capital with more than 1 million people left homeless by Jan.’s earthquake. Sso far, it is the countryside seeing the worst of an infection that’s killed more than 1,700 in less 2 months.

947 haiti disease outbreak sff standalone prod affiliate 79 Cholera Sickens 33K Haitians in 8 Weeks

  • Therese

    This is a test run on the planned extermination of peoples of color. They are doing this to see how the world/black community will react to mass killing of peoples of color. We allowed mass killings in Ruwanda, Congo, Sudan and other parts of the African Continent and we did absolutly nothing., i’m afraid the same will be done in Haiti.

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