kingphoto The King Has Returned

Washington DC is the home of the latest Martin Luther King Jr. statue. The 28 foot statue stands mere feet away from where Dr. King gave his infamous I have a dream speech.  The sculpture known as the “Stone of Hope” stands between the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials. Memorial CEO Harry Johnson says that the statue shows King was not just an American hero.


Johnson also added he is confident funds will continue to pour in, as the memorial reaches completion.

Dedication for the memorial is set for August 2011.

  1. Sarah says:

    I will NOT be paying in a dime to the King memorial Fund, nor will I be going to the monument to visit it upon completion…I have not visited any of the other monuments on the mall, this will not be any different…Dr King was a black American, made known to the world by black people and our struggles… It was offensive of the Alpha’s to give the commissioning of the statute to the Chinese scupltor…The chinese will not have a black American or black person from the Continent, come to China to commission a statute of Chairman Mao…When are we going to get some black pride and not give away everything that is ours? Even the granite being used is coming from China, assembled in Greece and shipped to the US to be put together by chinese workers from China living in apartments in DC, undercutting American workers who could do the job…Read the article in the Washington Post dated 11/23/10 on this atrocity…We are the only race of people who cannot wait to hand over our prized possessions, (children) to be educated by the savages that is trying to destroy us as a people…You will not find this type of ignorance anywhere in the animal kingdom where the female Gazelle, will hand over her offspring to be nurtured by the wilderbeast…We have mental shackels that need to be broken… We cannot look around this country or state that we’re living in, and see anything that is owned, operated, produced, and manufactured by blacks for blacks…We can see all the other ethnic groups doing their thing, with help of course from us, but we cannot say the same…

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