32106 Appreciation for MARTA Employees

MARTA wants to show it’s employees the love, with a little help from private funding.

MARTA wants to fund a holiday “employee appreciation” event, and they are asking for private donations from the private companies they have worked with in the past.

MARTA is asking anywhere from $5000-$10,000 from each company to fund their December 11 event.

Chairman Michael Tyler is looking to solicit 40-50 private companies that the transit company has helped in the  past.

He says that they are “best positioned to understand the extraordinary sacrifices” that have been made by MARTA employees in this tough economy which include paying more for their health care plans and a denial of wage increases.

The event is planned to be held at the Freight Depot event space in downtown Atlanta throughout the day so that all employees can enjoy before or after their shifts.

Answer the poll:

  1. Sarah says:

    People give you money with hopes of getting something in the future…I say that they do not solicite money from private companies, this has the potential of appearing tit for tat…If you can’t afford the [arty, don’t have one…

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