Wikileaks Strikes Again!

Wikileaks 3 1 Wikileaks Strikes Again!

Hundreds of thousands of State Department documents leaked Sunday revealed a hidden world of backstage international diplomacy, divulging candid comments from world leaders and detailing occasional U.S. pressure tactics overseas.

Ronald Neumann, the former U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, Algeria,  and Bahrain discusses the leak.

  • Sarah

    I say keep posting these documents…The US citizens needs to know what the American gov’t is doing in their name, which is putting the american people at risk…The american and european powers split the Koreas into two nations to support the europeans agenda… China and Russia has nuclear weapons, why are they not butting heads with them? France also has nuclear weapons, are we telling them to dismantle theirs? We are only going after weak countries expecting a quick victory, the last time that happened, we invaded Iraq and we’re still there eight years later and over two trillion dollars in debt….

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