a haitian walks before ca 007 Haiti Elections Off to a Bad Start

Polls are open in Haiti, but election day has not been going smoothly.

Most polls in the country opened an hour after they were supposed to, and there
has been confusion at many stations in the earthquake-ravaged capital.

Organization of American States Assistant Secretary-General Albert Ramdim talks about the difficulty of the day.
” artist=”Albert Randim” name=”on Haiti Elections” podtrac=”true” config_file=”config.xmlWith observers on hand from dozens of political parties crowding voting areas, some voters were leaving frustrated and angry when poll workers could not find their names on lists.

Voters rolls are filled with names of the dead, while the living are struggling to figure out if and where they can vote.

Meanwhile political violence remains a concern as does the spreading cholera

The ballot has 96 candidates competing for 11 Senate seats, while 800 people are seeking a place in the 99-seat lower house.

But the focus is on the presidential contest. There are 19 candidates seeking to replace outgoing President Rene Preval, who’s barred by law from running again.


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