Rob Redding: Did Your Feelings About Full Body Scans in Airports Change?

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robheadshot2010 e1290875412206 Rob Redding: Did Your Feelings About Full Body Scans in Airports Change?

Some news organizations and airports are claiming the protests that many people held in opposition of the newly increased and much maligned measures imposed by T.S.A. have had virtually no effect on air travel times. They honestly believe that most people are “OK” with the changes. The headlines tell a different story, and so does this caller…


Two cancer survivors have been humiliated by the unnecessary and overly aggressive security in airports. One was asked to remove her prosthetic breasts and the other, who was carrying a bag for personal waste management, was mortified after a careless T.S.A agent ruptured his bag and left the man covered in his own urine.

While some people are holding their tongues. This caller was different. Listen and tell me if you agree with him or not…

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