Remember when flying used to be fun? Remember when you actually had a good time getting on planes and travelling around the world? Rob Redding does.

robredding icon Rob Redding: Are the new flight security measures sucking the fun out of flying?

When did it all change? Click here for more…

Flying is certainly no longer the picnic in the sky that it used to be. Which came first? Increased security or increased perception of terrorist threat? Regardless of whether that chicken or egg came first, flying just isn’t what it used to be. Listen here for more!

  1. Sarah says:

    I agree with you on flying is no longer fun…I remember when I flew for the first time at the age of fourteen, on Pan-Am airlines for an international flight…We got all dressed up, your families could walk you to the gangway to see you get on the flight, in some cases, they were allowed to get on the aircraft to make sure you were comfortable and properly seated…Those days are a distance memory…All this groping that is being done to you at these airports will not make you any safer…If the so called terrorist want to make a statement, all they would have to do, is get someone in one of those long queing lines with a bomb, and then set it off…You are not checked or screened, until you get through those long lines…You would kill thousands of people that way, than someone getting on a plane with a limited amount of casualties…

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