pc425 youre fired alan sugar1 Mad Sports Fan's Reality Check!!!

After seeing both teams get blown out last night one thing’s for sure the Hawks and Heat are on a collision course for mediocrity! It’s time for management in Atlanta and Miami to either get it together or start all over.

larrydrew Mad Sports Fan's Reality Check!!!With the Hawks (8-6) and Heat (8-6) both struggling early in the season it’s becoming very obvious to me that this summer’s off season signings were just what I thought, stoooooopid!!!! 

My biggest question is for the franchise right here in Atlanta. Why did yall give Joe Johnson all that money? $124 million dollars for a guy that openly admitted that he doesn’t care for the fans, are you serious?

I’m sorry!!! Call me a hater if you want but Joe Johnson isn’t at the top of the list when I think about guys that deserve a BIG paycheck. When I think of $124 million dollars I think about Kobe, Durrant, LeBron, D. Howard, Dirk, & at one point each of Boston’s Big Three was worthy of that price tag but, Joe Johnson’s name has no business being associated with these top tier guys.

You get what you pay for…

$124 million dollars for one player should upgrade your team almost guaranteeing your franchise a trip to the NBA Finals or conference finals at worst.

But not these Hawks!!!

We just continue to get more of the same! The team wins versus the scrubs of the league and gets creamed by the premiere teams.

This isn’t an upgrade!!!

This is Atlanta Hawks Basketball as we’ve come to know it over the past 15 years or so!!!

spoel Mad Sports Fan's Reality Check!!!On the flipside of that the Miami Heat aren’t doing too much better. Sure you bring in LBJ and C. Bosh to play alongside D. Wade but I think somebody forgot to tell the front office that in order to compete you need a bench.

Juwan Howard and Jerry Stackhouse anchoring your bench, are you kidding?


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