pittmanpage1 You're A Mean One....Mayor Pittmanthe grinch You're A Mean One....Mayor Pittman

Bah Hum bug! East Point Mayor Ernestine Pittman may get a lump of coal if her co-workers have anything to do with it. Pittman shut down the annual holiday party thrown at city hall because she says it’s not in the budget. Pittman says the $2000.00 event waste tax payers money that should be spent in  other ways.


However her coworkers say she shut the party down because it competes with her private party. Pittman says that is not true.

The holiday party will go on after a city hall worker decided to  pay for it out of his own pocket.

  1. Leonard W Giddens Jr says:

    That is not being mean. That is using the head. Mean, that’s ok if it were true. As long as she is not a crook.

  2. Sarah says:

    I agree with the Mayor 100%. We spend too much of our time being entertained or the entertainment, that is why we miss out on so much valuable information, and our oppressors are always ahead of us…We are in the workplace to work, not to be social butterflies… If you want a party, do it on your own time…We have too many people loosing their homes to foreclosure, unemployment is high, and the economy is in terrible shape….That xmas party money, would be best spent, if the budget allows, donated to Hosea Feed the Hungry….

    1. EPXblog.com says:

      Get the whole story… this is a PUBLIC event for the citizens of East Point that is a holiday tradition… not a “company party” for the city workers. Her “co-workers” are the other city council members that voted to put on the event anyway.

      When: Fri, December 3, 5:30pm – 7:00pm
      Where: 2777 East Point St., East Point
      Come and enjoy holiday music, hot cocoa, popcorn and crafts for the kids and Santa will make a special appearance for photos.

      Mayor Pittman has no problems spending tax payer money on her propaganda filled newsletter. Her only agenda is self promotion.


    I agree with the Mayor. If her co-workers are upset about her decision then let them all pitch in their own money and have a party. Tax-payer money should not be spent on company workers for their entertainment benefit. There are too many people out of work, losing their jobs, and struggling for companies to be throwing away tax money on parties. As Sarah said give it to Feed the Hungry or use it for the benefit of the community. Who’s calling her a Grinch anyway? Bah Humbug!

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