You May Not Like It But the President Says It Needs To Stay

barack obama high resolution wallpaper You May Not Like It But the President Says It Needs To Stay
The head of the Transportation Security Administration acknowledged that new full-body scanners and pat-downs can be invasive and uncomfortable, but he said that the need to stay a step ahead of terrorists rules out changes in airport screening. President Obama stands by airport screening methods.
  • Frederica

    Know what? I’m not flying period!!!! I’m not going to be felt up in public or iridiated!!!

  • Sarah

    Why am I not surprise that the 1st black Prez will uphold the current injust system?..Like all blacks or persons of color who is the first in a particular position, they will be the most brutal to show that they are not partial or seeking favors to the majority ruling class…The only way to change the current airport screening process, is to stop traveling by planes and going through the airports…Why support your own oppression? These people only understand the color green..This black face in high place is no better than his predessor when it comes to oppression…Ask the people in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, etc about the droons that are indiscriminately killing them, all at the hands of the 1st black Prez of the USA….

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