dr beverly hall1 e1281446353933 Atlanta School Superintendent Ready to Move On

Dr. Beverly Hall will not remain with Atlanta Public Schools when her current contract ends in June 2011.  Read her statement and comments from Atlanta School Board Chairman Khaatim S El.


It has been an honor to serve as superintendent of the Atlanta Public Schools for the last 11 years. Because of the hard work of APS teachers, principals, administrators, board members and others, as well as the community at large, we have made significant progress.

I will be taking on new educational challenges when my contract expires in June 2011, but I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of those whose dedication and hard work have helped lift the educational achievements of APS students.

When I arrived in 1999, APS was at a critical crossroads. The school system was losing students and veteran educators to other school systems. Five superintendents had served in just 10 years. Student performance was at a low point.

Today, student achievement has risen significantly. The 2010 CRCT test results demonstrate that we have made significant progress since 1999, and APS students have scored record gains on the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

These accomplishments are the work of many people in our school system and in our community. From parents, community, religious and civic leaders to captains of industry and educational institutions that invested their time and resources, I offer my thanks for your support and your unwavering belief in our students and our school system.

We face significant challenges over the next several months, including a visit by SACS and resolution of the state investigation into possible test tampering in some APS schools. My goal over the coming months is to resolve our pressing issues and position the school system for a generation of new leadership.

Again, I extend my thanks to all who have invested their time and resources into making APS one of the best urban school systems in the nation.


Dr. Beverly L. Hall


Atlanta Public Schools


Atlanta School Superintendent Beverly Hall, who has announced that she will not seek an extension of her contract, will be honored for taking over a school system that had long been emblematic of failure and turning it into a model of academic achievement. She built a strong foundation for others to carry on the task of ensuring that all children in Atlanta’s public schools receive quality educations that prepare them to compete successfully in the 21st Century economy.

As the Atlanta Board of Education, it is our job to ensure that the momentum of Atlanta’s school system continues. In the coming weeks, we will reach out to all sectors of the community for input on our task of selecting a successor for Dr. Hall. While that selection is something that is solely our responsibility, we intend to engage in a community-wide dialogue on both the role of Dr. Hall’s successor and on the goals and strategies of Atlanta’s schools in the coming years.

But for now, we join with the students, parents and citizens in Atlanta in expressing our deep appreciation for Dr. Hall’s work. We look forward to working with her through her contract’s expiration on June 30 to ensure a positive transition.

Khaatim S. El, Chair

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  1. Sarah says:

    With all of the current ongoing turmoil in APS, I fully agree with Dr Hall; take you expertise elsewhere where you will be appreciated…

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