bishoplong1 Trial Date Set in Bishop Long Case

The sexual coercion trial against Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church moves forward.

According to the AJC, a status conference hearing was held Friday in DeKalb County State Court on several lawsuits filed against Bishop Eddie Long, alleging he used his influence, trips and gifts to coerce four young men into having sex. Lawyers for both sides met with Judge Johnny Panos and tentatively set February for a mediation session and July for a pre-trial conference.

Four men — Maurice Robinson, Jamal Parris, Anthony Flagg and Spencer LeGrande — have sued the prominent Lithonia megachurch pastor and the 25,000-member New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. The church’s mentoring program, the LongFellows Youth Academy, is named in three of the suits. The suits seek jury trials and unspecified damages.

Long has denied the allegations. In his responses to the suits, filed in court, Long admitted he occasionally shares a room with members of his congregation, but in each of the responses, he said “the plaintiff’s claims of sexual misconduct are not true.”

It is still possible the suits could be settled instead of going to trial.


  1. Reedy says:

    I’m willing to bet there’s no way this will go to trial Long said he’d fight this but let’s watch him fight it by paying these VICTIMS a big secretive monetary settlement

    1. sirwinston says:

      I am looking forward as you state and while we are seeing so much of undecent things in a church; I see why people don’t want to join. If Long paid money, purchase things for these men then why not come forth and say to his congregation that he did not do anything as he is accused of. Like you, I bet he pay this money and right now is trying to get these guys to drop their cases against him. I think you might be right; he is gong to pay these guys so a lot don’t come out…there is more that we havent’ heard….yet!

  2. zeek says:

    There not must be any real men in that disgusting church. It’s deplorable that he continues to preach during the alligations. Will the real men please stand up! Sit that pervert DOWN!

  3. Leon R. says:

    This is crazy! God bless these guys,. What they should be doing is praying and asking god to forgive them for their abomination of an act against god. Homosexuality is indeed a sin.

  4. sirwinston says:

    If Mr. Long pay these individuals; he is guilty and his congregation will know he lied from the on-set. If he is not guilty, then he said he will fight this case! As a so called Bishop, he would not even go to a mediaction hearing either; if he as bold as he said, having 5 rocks and have not thrown any; then this is the time he hold those rocks and say Judge, let go to trail and hear what I did not do verse what they said I did. I am thinking that Long is not telling the truth about this whole thing. He read the young men suit and then he and his lawyer only commented on the good things he did; not what really happen. I am betting that long will pay out money before he goes to trial; I will be there for every hearing to see if Long really want to go to court and have this case settle; or will he settle out of court like Michael Jackson!

  5. Hornet77 says:

    No way this case is going to trial. Now, it is just a matter of how much this matter is going to cost “DADDY” long and the church. Maybe it is just me, but it seems like the black church has lost it way. The black church use to be at the fore front of equally and family and community values. The black church developed leaders. Now the church seems more focused on the number in their congregation, the number in their church coffers, and developing a cult like following. Is it any wonder our black communites are in a state of self-annihilation.

    1. Angel1 says:

      Don’t be disparaged about the Black Church. It is the pastor of that black church. But what I don’t understand is why would you sleep in the same room with any of your congregation members? I wonder why is TD Jakes the only pastor of a church that I have heard who has spoken to the media about Long’s innocence. Eddie will pay them off. I agree about the 5 stones. Don’t go to mediation, use your stones in the court of law. He will settle and say that it was in the best interest of the church that he settled and that he decided this after much prayer and seeking divine inspiration from his LORD. I wonder who his LORD is?

  6. jenay says:

    sex without mariage is wong also including hetorosexuals.

    1. Leonard W. Giddens Jr says:

      No man can tell me how I should live. From a child up to this day I have seen nothing but crooks in these mega churches as they are called. It is mostly the women that think the preacher is some kind of God, when in fact he is the lowest snake in there. as a small child I use to here these low life talk about this sister and that sister, and of course there were the freaks like LONG. You are a fool to give your money to anyone that dress in the highest price of cloths, ride the high dollar cars, and the best jewelry. The people that gives this money can not afford to buy any of these things. All in the name of God. What a bunch of lollipops, all day suckers.

  7. mindy says:

    He is a sleazy, nasty, DOG!

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