… The Decline of Black Voters. If you missed the show, listen by clicking below!
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When you last went to the polls, did you notice something going on? How about a serious decline in the number of Black Voters? Did Blacks stop voting when Obama took office? Listen here to find out!



  1. Sarah says:

    The black votes are declining because we have lost all confidence in the electorial process. We have voted and put people into office, and they have turned around and worked in opposition to their constitutients. Voting does not guarantee you anything except, negroes who comes around once every two to four years, begging for your ro send them back to work for the corporate interest. Look at Prez Obama, he is not listening to the people who put him into office, he is busy trying to make friends with the same republicians who will ensure his presidency is a failure. Giving the Presidential medal of freedom to Bush Sr and German Chancellor Merkel, is not going to make you well liked, all it shows is we have another puppet in black face…

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