Father Killed In Front Of Son's School

yellowtape Father Killed In Front Of Son's School

A father has been shot to death at a Dunwoody Prep school.

Russell Sneiderman had just dropped his son Thursday morning, when a man pulled up in a van and shot him. Natalia Kelly had just dropped her child off at the school, when she heard shots being fired. Kelly says the incident is shocking.


 Dunwoody Officer Micheal  Carson says police need help finding the suspect who left the scene in a silver Dodge Mini-Van.  

Investigators are still looking for a motive.

  • Sarah

    I’m finally glad to see that gun violence is being reported in the white communities. We all know they have the most guns, ammunition and are the manufacturers, and sellers of of these weapons. These people also kill more than the average black or persons of color. I’m not condoning gun violence in any communities, but i’m showing how the media choose to report these instances of violence, only when it involves someone of prominence in the white community as the victim of violence…

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