Wait, Who Did You Say Was Voted Off of DWTS?

Shock and disbelief filled the air as another star was dimmed on DWTS.


Brandy said right after she learned she was being kicked off Dancing With the Stars that she hasn’t processed it yet.

There’s a pretty good chance it doesn’t make any more sense to her now than it did last night.

Despite getting a perfect score for her Argentine tango on Monday’s show, Brandy was the one who was voted off last night.

The ouster means she falls just shy of next week’s finals, which will see Kyle Massey, Jennifer Grey and Bristol Palin compete for the mirrorball trophy.

Usually when celebrities are voted off the show, they put on a smile and a brave face. But a crestfallen Brandy said, she didn’t know how to feel right now. Moments later, she was shown crying.

Others were less coy. Grey’s pro dance partner Derek Hough stared ahead with his jaw dropped open when a camera caught his reaction to Brandy’s dismissal.

  1. Sarah says:

    Another political move by ABC to steal the show for Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol. Like I have said, we the people who invented dance, arenow told we cannot master what was invented by us. This is shocking and shameful on ABC’s part. I say boycott the network and their sponsors…

  2. mixx man says:

    Brandy did her thing on DWTS. She has nothing to be ashamed or cry about. That’s the way the ball bounces in Hollywood. But Bristol Palin? Give me a break.

  3. forreal says:

    It just shows weakness but what is even crazy now you got to walk around feeling like a real loser on in the inside. I don’t BLAME little bristol, she’ll probably end up on drugs THEN she can blame BIG BAD SARAH Moma BEAR AND HER CUB

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