More Americans are Hitting the Highways for Thanksgiving Turkey

turkey20platter More Americans are Hitting the Highways for Thanksgiving Turkeyhighway More Americans are Hitting the Highways for Thanksgiving Turkey

Be careful on the roads this holiday season ladies and gentlemen.

More Americans are expected to head out on the highway this Thanksgiving.

AAA president Bob Darbelnet  says 42 million will be traveling to visit family and friends over the holiday.

That’s up more than 11 percent from last year. The rebound follows a two-year slowdown during the recession.
Darbelnet says 94 percent of holiday travelers will go by car, 4 percent by air and the remaining 2 percent by rail, bus or boat.

The travel club’s outlook indicates they’ll travel an average of 800 miles and spend about $500 — same as last year.

  • Sarah

    I will not be traveling this season. I will stay home with my family and enjoy the Thanks-Taking and other Helli-days that will be following….These people need to ask the First Nation or Indigenous people what is so thanksgiving about this day? These people along with the blacks who built the western civilization have not been paid or given thanks for what we did. I say we teach out children the truth, because the only time these people like black, is the Friday after Thanksgiving (Black Friday), and when you are making a profit for your business or have surplus funds, you’re said to be operating in the black…

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