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While breaking up a romantic relationship can be difficult, the Floacist says breaking a musical relationship can be just as tough.

She says the breakup of the duo Floetry was very hard and heartbreaking.

She also feels bad for the duo’s fans because the end came in a way she didn’t want it to. The question is however, why did the Floacist and the Songstress break up?

The rapper says the singer Marsha Ambrosius just wanted out. She states, “there’s nothing worse than somebody doing something they don’t want to do. And Marsha didn’t want to do it anymore.”

Both Floacist and Marsha have dropped solo projects. While Floacist says there’s a chance for a reunion, there has to be a mutual agreement on the type of music they’d be willing to work on together.

natalie stewart musiq soulchild The Floetic Ending


  1. Shinona says:

    Marsha Ambrosius – is a PHAT young lady – is her father Italian?
    Dark and hairless ~~~~~~~ is a holding back the one whom has a chance to be the next Pop/R&B Star…..

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