jay z and kanye west photos e1290043858471 Jay Z Still Agrees With Kanye

Kanye West has at least one person in his corner, Jay-Z.

Kanye West may have stepped back from his comment that President Bush doesn’t care about Black people, but the
biggest name in the rap game these days isn’t.

Jay-Z says he agrees with what West said about the former president. And in an interview with The Associated Press, the music mogul says Kanye’s recent apology doesn’t change his view of the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

He talks about his feelings toward Bush’s handling of Hurricane Katrina.

And as for Bush’s claim that West’s comments were the worst thing that happened to him during his presidency, Jay-Z has a few more words to say.

West previously said of his comment about former President Bush that it was in a moment of frustration and that he had no grounds to call Bush a racist.

  1. Sarah says:

    Both of these puppets for the money changers need to go somewhere and sit down. They have both destroyed a young generation with the poison music and lyrics they have put out. Saying one conscious thing does not take away from the destruction they have exported around the world along with the dehumanization of the black race done by these clowns and all their proteges….

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